Welcome, Welcome!

This is our first blog post on our new platform.  We are extremely excited to be announcing that we can now make our voices stronger than ever together and we look forward to the community we’re going to build.  We would love to hear all your feed back, irregardless of good, bad, or indifferent.  Don’t hesitate to comment and let us know what your thoughts are on any of our subjects we bring up.

We are here to bring awareness to the tough job it is to be a hotel worker and look forward to doing just that. When you see the day to day first hand, you will realize just how tough it is.

Too often we have been taken advantage of and have been over-worked for little to no extra pay, all the while they are making a fortune every night.  We’re not asking for a ton of money per hour, we just want to see us and our fellow workers in the industry get a little more to help out, since we’re the only reason your hotels stay in business.   No one would stay in your motels or hotels if it wasn’t for us keeping them clean and ready to go everyday for every guest that walks through those glass doors.

Speak your mind freely and we’d love to converse with you.

Thank you for your involvement in our cause.

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