New President

President-Elect Donald J. Trump

We have seen 44 presidents since the beginning of our beautiful country, but this one may prove to be one of the most interesting ones yet.  We hear of growth and peace and all these other great things but only time will tell.  Our President that we have today also promised great things, and some have come true, though the only changes that we can see that have been made have hurt small businesses.  We are for the people, not just some puppet on a string trying to rally everyone together.  The people of this great nation need someone who truly cares to make a difference.

I am optimistic that he will do what he says.  If he does we may all be in much better shape and truth be known the stock market already is liking what it’s seeing.  Maybe that’s a good sign.  From what we hear other countries, other than Canada, are back on board to work with the U.S. again, and that only means great things will prevail.  We are being very hopeful that Mr. Trump will begin his term and everything will go smoothly.

One thing we can’t stand for though is these so called “protestors” burning our cities and towns down, because they’re a bunch of whiney little children waiting on a hand out.  This is exactly where the Democratic Party is failing.  They’re making everyone that votes for them believe that money is magic and we can just keeping pretending we have it.  The truth is this country doesn’t have it.  We are way in debt over our heads and they know it.  The Clinton’s believe that giving out more stuff is the way to votes.  I guess they were wrong.  I hope, truly hope, that all these thugs and college kids get what’s coming to them for all the destruction they have done.  No matter who wins we all have to live with it.  That is the very  thing this country was founded on, DEMOCRACY.  Don’t forget it, and to the teachers out there remember to actually teach it and don’t be afraid of what someone might say.  We all have to stand up for the truth, and standing is different than burning buildings and our FLAG.  If you like the colors of Mexico’s flag so much go down there and see what it’s like.

This rant is over I just wanted to get that out there.  We may not like Donald Trump, but we will do our best to help the next President of the United States do the best possible job he can.  We’re Americans first!

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